Thursday, April 12, 2012

Six easy steps to create simple flower nail art

I love nail-art and I love the fact that I can do it on my own. Sometimes doing your own nail-art design can be time consuming but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easier. Allow me to share simple nail art design. It is very easy to create and very cute too.

The first thing you need to master in creating your nail art design is to know how to apply dots on your nails. Pretty easy huh? Once you master that technique you can just let your creative imagination soar and create your own design by just adding some dots here and there.

For this nail art design you will need:

Nail polish, the colors of your choice

 I chose lavender and purple for my base coat and white and hot pink for my flower design.

I don’t buy expensive nail polish because I tend to change nail colors often and I think it’s not practical to buy Php 300.00 ($7 or more) plus worth of nail polish. Among the local nail polish brands I prefer Caronia and Bobbie because they last for quite a long time (a week at the most). They only cost Php 27.00 to Php 45.00 ($1 or less) depending on the size of the bottle.

You also need dotting tools.
 If you don’t own dotting tools yet, you can just use a tooth pick or the end point of your eyeliner or the end point of a small paint brush. I used the end of small paint brush for this nail art design. 

My sister bought me this little paintbrush from Landmark. I don’t know how much it cost but I think it's not over Php 50.


1. Clean your nails
2. Apply the base coat.

3. Put a small amount of pink and white polish on a piece of paper like this

4. Apply a single white dot at the left end side of your nails using the end of small paint brush or toothpick or eyeliner.

5. Put three pink dots around the white dots
6. Apply colorless nail polish to avoid chipping off.  Viola! 

I also apply glitter polish on mine, just to give the design a little texture. Maybe when I get my own tripod someday, I’ll do a video tutorial.

What do you think of this tutorial? Was I able to deliver it in such a way that it’s easy to understand and follow or you just ended up pissed off and confused? Let me know. I love feedback.

Here are other simple nail art designs for inspiration.

Thanks for being here! Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Hay, I saw the second to the last picture. Yan yung nail art mo when we met diba, nung natapakan yung paa mo (sorry naman) hehehe.

    You got it kickin' twin sis. Galing ng tutorial mo, nasundan ko siya at parang nainspire akong gawin siya. hehe. Ingat twin sis. Miss yah.

  2. thank you twin sis.. :)

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  4. nice color of nails i love! lovely DiY.

  5. The heart-thing is phenomenal! You're a star!

  6. Since I've discover nail arts, I began to browse for more designs that I can try for my nails. But as a beginner, I'm looking for simple nail designs that I can try. Those just easy. These samples are truly tempting.