Friday, May 18, 2012

my hair best friend

 I have my hair rebonded every year. It looks really nice during the first 7 months, as long as I use conditioner religiously. However, during summer, the effect of the sun and the chemicals used on my hair joined forces to make it dull, frizzy and tangled.

I use the usual conditioner and weekly vitamin nourishment conditioner for my hair. However, at some point those were not enough especially after my hair is completely dry. They go back to their usual uncooperative self. Tangles here, there and everywhere. So I searched for a product that would help me control my freaky tangles. Remember those popular leave on conditioner? I searched for that.
I almost gave up on finding  leave on conditioner that I like. I’ve tried several products but some of them are sticky and can make my hair really oily at the end of the day. 

When I saw no Tangles by J. Thomas Leave In Hair Mist and I saw that it was awarded by COSMO, I know I had to try it. 

One bottle costs Php167 at Landmark

I wasn't disappointed. 
  It maintains the softness and moisture of my hair and controls my tangles without being greasy and sticky all day long and I mean all day long. I highly recommend this one especially to those who have tangles problem like me. By the way, I am not being paid to write this.  I wish they were though.

I use No Tangles when blow drying my hair and I noticed that the effect of blow dryer last for a whole day. It also smells good.

There you go! Stay away from bad hair days girlfriends. Thanks for being here!

Friday, May 11, 2012

posh nails

My niece, ishvel and I shared the same passion for nail polish. On her birthday (almost a month ago) she asked me if I could take her to Posh Nails as a gift. I happily obliged because I love nail pampering day too and I love hanging out with my pretty niece. We have to postpone this date due to her swimming lessons. Finally, on Sunday, we pushed through with the plan. 

       We went to Posh Nails, SM Fairview branch.

The place was empty of costumers when we arrived. We know it'll be crowded came noon that's why ish and I came early. We have the place to ourselves which makes it easier for me to take photos.

We were both enticed by the nail salon cozy ambiance. The staff were friendly too.  Also, all the stuff they used to clean our nails was sterilized. 

I love the idea of putting written something on the wall. 

For a person who do her own nails all the time, and spend almost two hours for self manicure-pedicure, having someone do the task for me was truly rewarding, makes me want to visit them often.


I chose pink ORLY  nail polish for most of my nails and yellow L.A. Nail polish for my ring fingers while ish preferred blue ORLY nail polish.

 It was a very fun and relaxing day. I love spending time with my niece, it makes me feel young.

By the way, she won 5 medals from their swimming competition. We are all so proud. :)
Thanks for being here. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012


Blazer: Thrifted, Pink Inner Sando and Jeans: Penshoppe, Bag: Sophie Martin, Sandals: Celine, Watch: G-Shock, Necklace: Silverworks, Earrings: DIY

I got the blazer from a thrifted store for Php 300. When I saw it, I know I have to buy it. It's multi-functional. I can wear it over jeans, shorts and dress. It's not the typical too formal blazer. 

 I dare to wear this blazer under 35 Degree Celsius weather. It's more fun in the Philippines eh? No worries, I didn't passed out due to heat stroke because our office is air conditioned. 

I am also beginning to love doing pictorials for my outfits, especially in public places. I can be an instant celebrity with people staring at me and my photographer (whoever I can persuade to do the shots for me) with a certain look in their eyes, as if saying, what the heck is she up to? Oh well, some people can be a little naive sometimes. I want to tell them, Hello? I have a blog! But it's really fun to look at their faces. hehe.. Next time when someone stops and stares at me while I'm doing an outfit photo-shoot, I'll beam and wave at them. What do you think?

That's it for today. Have a fun and fabulous day!