Friday, May 4, 2012


Blazer: Thrifted, Pink Inner Sando and Jeans: Penshoppe, Bag: Sophie Martin, Sandals: Celine, Watch: G-Shock, Necklace: Silverworks, Earrings: DIY

I got the blazer from a thrifted store for Php 300. When I saw it, I know I have to buy it. It's multi-functional. I can wear it over jeans, shorts and dress. It's not the typical too formal blazer. 

 I dare to wear this blazer under 35 Degree Celsius weather. It's more fun in the Philippines eh? No worries, I didn't passed out due to heat stroke because our office is air conditioned. 

I am also beginning to love doing pictorials for my outfits, especially in public places. I can be an instant celebrity with people staring at me and my photographer (whoever I can persuade to do the shots for me) with a certain look in their eyes, as if saying, what the heck is she up to? Oh well, some people can be a little naive sometimes. I want to tell them, Hello? I have a blog! But it's really fun to look at their faces. hehe.. Next time when someone stops and stares at me while I'm doing an outfit photo-shoot, I'll beam and wave at them. What do you think?

That's it for today. Have a fun and fabulous day!


  1. Wow, that's a really nice buy sis! :D It's been a while since I've worn a blazer.. Anyway, don't mind the staring crowd when you do your shoots. Fans sila :D

  2. LOL. Ikaw na twin sis. I love this outfit especially the jeans ans the blazer and the bag, #drolls. i love this post. see, i told it's great. do it more often ng magaya ko yung mga suot mo and minsan sama ako sayo. Hehehe.

  3. Oh, sis. You look fantastic! :) Tama si Sey, do some outfit posts! I have abandoned my outfit blog.

    Natawa ako sa 'Hello? I have a blog!" Lol talaga. Makakarelate ako eh. Pag nag pi picture2 na ako, sasabihin na nila yan, "I blo-blog na niya yan." Ahaha. Cute, sis. Do more of those, will you?

  4. Good buy & good look too. i'm pleased that you're enjoying this sis. Haha! how could they not guess that it's a pictorial for your blog? =)

  5. I love that white blazer, such a chic touch to the whole look.

    The view from my last post is from Romania {the country where I live}, a mountain retreat Sinaia with the Peles Castle.

  6. I've always been into white blazers :) Yeah continue the outfit posts and you'll def have more viewers <3

    Forever Nineteen

  7. beautiful pictures! and great blog :D