Friday, September 23, 2011

The Banner

and Photo Credits 

 On this page I will tell you what each photo on my banner says about me along the way I will also provide links as to where I got it from except those I own.

I love my Banner! It defines me. Almost all the things I love are in it. Most of the photos I used were mine but others were borrowed from other sites. My brother helped me with this banner. As usual, I conceptualized it and he made it happen.

Colognes and Perfume
I love smelling good. I don't usually buy expensive perfumes. Cologne like Victoria's Secret will do for me. I really like smelling sweet. Thankfully, I have generous friends who give me expensive perfume once in a while. Who am I to say no to that? I can't leave the house without spraying perfume or cologne.

Oreo Cheesecake
It's one of my guilty pleasures because it is expensive and at the same time fattening. I  really cannot say no to this thing. It's my goal to taste all the oreo cheese cake available in different cafes or restaurants, choose the best and blog about it. I already tasted 3 different oreo cheese cake though.

Beaded Bracelet
Creating beaded accessories is my hobby. I create bracelets, earring, necklaces and key chains. I once tried to sell them through the internet and personal network. I really made money out of it. However, my day job consumed me and I neglected my online business. I wish to go back really soon.

Nail Art
I AM OBSESSED with nail polish. I do my own nails and I love it. It relaxes me. I am better at applying nail polish to my myself rather than applying it to someone else.  Recently, I tried nail art. I still need a lot to lean but I'll get there and I will definitely show you.

Yellow Flowers
The reason for putting this on my banner is simple, I love flowers and yellow is my top 1 favorite color. Top 2- Red, Top 3-Green Top 4-pink Top 5-White

Beaded Bracelet
I made this one.

These are some of my books. I am a novel junkie. So you can imagine how many of these are scattered in my bedroom. I just photographed some books from my favorite authors. Jude Deveraux, Emily Giffin (just recently), Nicholas Sparks, Catherine Anderson and of course my all time favorite JK Rowling.

ah.. just me!

I just love what's written in it!I love being creative and I am not afraid to experiment.

All girls love shoes and I am no exception! Expensive or not we must have at least more than one better yet a whole closet full of this!

Cute Engagement Ring Photo Idea
I just got engaged recently. Do I still need to explain why i love this photo?

Is it just me or this photo is shouting SWEEEETTTTSs?

 oh it's me again. wink!

Harry Potter Make Up Kit
 I told you I am a Harry Potter fanatic. You can check out my other HP collection on my other blog. Click HERE

Boo is what Jed and I call each other. It's our endearment. These pumpkins really made my day the first time I saw this picture!

 So there you go, that's all the photos on my banner. By just looking at my blog banner you can really see many aspects of me.

Thank you for visiting today!

PS. Hopefully I'll be able to find a lot of fabulous things that I can share with you.


  1. Congratulations to your new baby! It's precious. :) I'm happy that I'm the first ever commenter. Hehe. I totally dig nail art and books. And wow, I love the bracelets that you made. You should pursue this soon. You can make this your business. :) I'll be happy to advertise it on my blog. And the pumpkin is cute! I've seen a lot of posh pumpkins at Pinterest lately.

    I'll be waiting for your future posts in here! :)

  2. I love almost everything in your banner. the books, nail arts, shoes, quotes and bracelets.

    You should make bracelets. They're adorable. Wish I could do that, or you can teach me how to! hahaha! I love shoes, and lately I've been wanting a wedge so I could add more inch to my height.

    I am looking forward to more post. I love your Banner!

  3. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! I LOVE THIS BLOG! :D The banner is amazing! :O And this post is so cool!

  4. Wowwww OReoooo Cheeseckae! Kahit wala na yung iba, basta may ganyan!!! hehe :D

    nice blog Mayen ♥ and love the header. It's so you!!

  5. you made my day ate..i love it..mwah

  6. Nice banner! Cute namn ng bracelet! Sana nga you go back to making more and selling them.

  7. by the way di ko makita ang follow button.

  8. I love it! Can't wait to read your next posts. =)

  9. Mighty cute, Mayen! Mighty, mighty, mighty cute! Love it. Keep this one!

  10. you really are creative. Its good that you're enjoying what you do... :)