Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dress is love

Finally, I have decided to update this blog. For a moment there, I thought I’m going to abandon it. However, lately, I have a lot of posts that only girls can relate to on my other blog, Clicks and Cuts. Since I have few male readers there, that I think, I bored to death with my girly posts, I have decided to write anything girly on this blog from now on. So for the first (technically) ever post here, I’ll write about one of my current fascinations. Dresses!

Last weekend my cousin urged me to go shopping with her, instead of watching the most talked about Paquiao and Marquez fight. It was her birthday so I cannot say no. Initially, we intended to go to the mall to find a blouse for her. However, when she saw me wearing a dress she said she wants to buy dresses too.  So instead of going to the mall, I took her where we can find cute dresses for a very low price.

I’ll tell you a secret, when it comes to dresses there are only three places I would go, Forever 21, bazaars and thrifted stores. Why? At Forever 21 you can find dresses as low as the price of dresses from Bazaars. At Bazaars you can haggle for the price of the dress you want and they are as good as the quality of dresses at the mall. At thrifted stores, well you pretty much know why that’s a great place to go for a dress shopping, it’s cheaper and if you have an eye for what’s pretty no one will suspect you bought it there. To make this already long story short, we went to thrifted store on Sunday. I know, I made my shopping last weekend sounds so “sosyal” on twitter, but hey, it’s still shopping and finding great pieces but not pay much is an achievement. Still Fabulous! Right? I haven’t gotten a chance to take pictures of what my cousin bought. I choose every single dress she purchased and all were pretty. I will show you some other time. Meanwhile, I’d like to show what I got.

 The dress I wore last weekend. Thrifted as well.

Weekend Finds
 This cute little dress is for my niece, Ishvel. Her name is written all over it. It's perfect for her.

These are mine
 1. Hooded Striped Dress-  I have a top with similar design and it's hooded too.
2. Black Casual Dress with Sequence - My camera cannot capture the sequence around the the letters, but it's really pretty.
3. Peach Lacy Dress- I am in love with lace, it makes me feel even more girly.

 These three dresses and my niece's I got for only......are you ready? For only Php 410.00. Score!!!
What do you think? I wish I can show my cousin's dresses, they are prettier than mine. She's thinner than me, so it's easier to find cute dresses for her.

After that thrited shopping we went to Starbucks for my cousin's stickers. I'm still thinking if I should collect stickers this year, I don't think I'll be needing a planner. I've been collecting for the last four years though.

Me and my cousin/best friend Glenda.


  1. Php410?! Those are great finds! I wanna go shopping too. I bought a cute dress last time for Php300 and I thought it was a great find, pero you find cute, but cheaper dresses. ;}

  2. You need to take me shopping, too. Sigh.

  3. hi mayen, look who's back! :D i go to thrift stores too. i have them altered na lang para best fit pa rin. i love your hooded dress, perfect for casual dress down days. ;)

  4. dress......dress.....dress.....I wanna wear that but I don't have the guts. I'm more comfortable with jeans. Pero I'll try my best in the meantime samahan mo ako bumuli ng dress. hehehe I love hoods and hooded dress will definitely made me wear a dress.

    And for that very affordable price - holala :) Idol na kita twin sis.