Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to make Christmas Frames

Most of my followers here are regular at Clicks and Cuts so you guys probably saw our Christmas tree. If you happen to stumble upon this blog just now, here's the picture of our Christmas tree.
For those who want to make those frames, here’s a tutorial on how to do it. Before you get your hands dirty make sure that it’s also okay with you to be covered with glitters because that is something unavoidable in making this  project.  

What you need:

1. Scissors
2. Single puncher or anything that could create a hole for you frame, in case you want to  hang it on your Christmas tree or somewhere.
3.  All purpose glue
4. Glue gun
 5. Ribbons, blings or small Christmas decorations 

 6. Folders (or used folders)

7. Glitters and glitter glue (I bought the glitter glue at Expressions)
8. Cutter blade (i don't have a cutter but it's essential)

1. Cut small squares from the folder make sure each square has a pair.
 like this
2. Get the other pair and draw a border on your frame.

3. Use a cutter blade to make an opening for your frame, following the lines on your border. I just used scissors to cute mine because I don't have cutter blade.

4. Glue the square with border to its pair. Make sure you leave one side unglued because that’s where you are going to insert the picture. Do not put glue as thick as your border just put enough to hold the two squares together. Then let it dry for a while.

5. Once your frame is dry, you can now apply glue on the border. This time, make sure to cover all the borders with glue. 

6. Before the glue dried out, sprinkle glitters to it. Make sure you apply glitters to the entire border of your frame.

7. Once your frame is covered with glitters, you may want to shake it a little to remove excess glitters. You can put glitter-glue at the end of the border for additional design and let it dry.
 It usually takes 3 hours or so for it to be completely dry.

8. Apply decorations using glue gun for better hold, use puncher to create a hole, put a beautiful picture and hang it on your Christmas tree. That simple!

If you need help just email or tweet me. I’ll be ready to rescue you! :P

Good luck and enjoy decorating! 


  1. I can't believe you, Mayen! How do you have the patience?????? (thumbs up!)

  2. sarap mapasama sa christmas tree na pinagukulan ng pagmamahal para mabuo.Ang galing mo Mayen.

  3. nice images...