Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to make your old shoe box even more useful

What do you do to your old shoe boxes? Certainly, you don't put your shoes back on its boxes after using it. I used to that, but it just didn't work. Anyway there is another way you can make use of your shoe boxes. You can use it to keep love letters and other small stuff that could fit into it. I bet you are already doing that. What I'm going to show you today is how to make your shoe boxes look like you actually want to use it to keep your beloved stuff or letters. Also, if your shoe boxes are pleasant to look at, you don't need to hide them at the back of your closet. You can display it for easy access. I used mine to keep my crafts materials and other basic sewing material.

This what I did to one of my shoe boxes.


 I'm too old to display a Harry Potter poster in my room so I just use it to make box more interesting (for me at least)
in it are my crafts materials

What you need:

scotch tape,
plastic cover or plastic sticker
Gift wrapper or any fancy wrapper

The idea is not to spend much so instead of buying colorful wrappers you can use old magazines or posters. On my project I used left over gift wrapper and a harry potter center fold (poster) from a magazine.

How to:

Pretty simple. Wrap the shoe box with your choice of wrapper. Afterwards wrap it with plastic cover or plastic sticker. For beginners I suggest you use plastic cover as using plastic sticker can be a bit tricky and plastic cover is cheaper. However, if you really want your box to look like its professionally done. Use plastic sticker.

That’s it. Good Luck!


  1. Wow creative! hehe :) thank you for all the wonderful ideas, Mayen! You always brighten up my day ♥

  2. you're never too old for anything methinks. haha.

  3. you're very creative. I might just do this. Kasi since hindi ako creative I just put the shoes (which I don't use very often) back to it's box, hehe. =)

  4. Its my first time here and I know I will be frequenting more.

    I love DIY blogs coz it give me ideas and inspiration...

    its me,
    CIelo of Brown Pinay