Monday, February 20, 2012

How Make Homemade Coffee Jelly

Do you think spending more than a hundred bucks on coffee at Starbucks isn’t practical? Do you want to drink special coffee without going out of the house? Are you crazy for jellies? If you answered yes to all those questions, then just stay with me and you will learn how to make your own special coffee jelly.Bring this popular drink in the comfort of your home and share it with your family.

Last Sunday my sister and I surprised everybody at home with Starbucks inspired coffee drink - the famous coffee jelly.

Here’s what you need:

Ice, coffee (brewed or instant), water,  creamer or milk, vanilla ice cream (optional), whip cream (optional), jelly flavored coffee and blender.

Note: Our homemade coffee jelly doesn’t have ice cream and whipped cream. We just used whatever is available in our kitchen. The goal is to create a special coffee drink without spending too much. Nonetheless, it still tastes like authentic Starbucks coffee jelly. For the kids we used chocolate drink (Milo) instead and they loved it!

Five Easy Steps 
1. Make jelly flavored coffee.

If you don't know how to make jelly, don’t fret because you can buy a box of powdered jelly in grocery stores and you can find cooking instructions at the back. As long as you can read and you know how to operate your stove, then you are good to go.

2. Add coffee while cooking your jelly.  The amount of coffee will depend on how strong you want it to taste on your jelly. Once your jelly cooled, cut it into small pieces (diced).

3. Put all the ingredients in blender, except for the jellies and whipped cream. The proportions of the ingredients will depend on how you usually prepare your coffee. You may want to increase the usual ingredient proportions a notch if you are preparing for more than 1 person.

4. Blend the ingredients together.

5. Put jellies on your glass, add the blended coffee, add whipped cream and enjoy your drink.

What do you think? Easy and affordable right? So why don’t you clean you dusty blender and make yourself a special homemade coffee jelly. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for this twin sis, hindi ko naisip na need ng blender. Hehehe, since hindi pa ako pwede sa caffeine Milo muna ang gagamitin ko.

  2. I must try this one out soon! :) I lablab coffee jelly.

  3. magaling. Ginagawa ko na yan dati meron pang jelly balls. di lang cofee flavored pati,strawberry,orange at ube bago pa ito nauuso ngayon. Masarap talaga.

  4. gummy ba yong jelly? masarap talaga ito alam ko.

  5. Hmmm, Poj would definitely love this with his fave powdered chocolate =)

  6. (syempre babasahin ko to, gusto ko to eh. Hehe!)
    Tnx Mayen sa nakaka-takam mong post. ♥

  7. sounds really easy... and not mystic like it seems (shops). :) will pass this to a friend who just loves coffee jelly (daily intake)...

  8. You have me tempted, Miss!!

    How are you?! :)