Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Ever Outfit Post

For the past months, I’m considering shutting down this blog because I can’t think of any other topics to write here that I cannot share on Click and Cuts. However, whenever I look at my banner and whenever I remember the reason for putting up this blog, which is to showcase the “girly” side of me, the “keep-this-blog” always wins. I guess it's because this blog is a reflection of “Me”- My love for creating things and sharing them to the world and my love for shopping and cute little stuff. I’m not saying Clicks and Cuts is not “me” but there, I write major happenings in my life. Here, well, some post might be lame for guys and some dudedets. Maybe only women can really understand the reason for blogging about some little girly things. So now I have decided to keep this blog and decided to exert more effort in writing about the girly stuff I love.

I love fashion but I’m not rich, that’s why I can’t keep up with designer items, so I try to be fashionable by not spending too much, which means, I love Ukay or thrifted store. For me, it’s a major fashion accomplishment when I found great pieces without spending too much. Do I get nods from fellow thrifties like me?

So today I’ll show my very first outfit post. 

 Blue Top:a gift from my brother's girlfriend (who's also a great thrifted buyer), Jumper: Thrifted (my pick) Sandals: J. Fussy from Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall,  Watch: G-Shock (bro and gf's gift), Bag: Mango (my sister's gift) Accessories (earrings and necklace): I made them, Eye bags: Hereditary *wink wink*

I know the outfit is not entirely thrifted. And that my friend is what you call the art of mixing and matching. I didn't realize until today that most of them were gifts. I'm one lucky gal, I suppose.

I also try not to let my figure get me down when it comes to wearing the stuff I want. As you can see, I am on the chubby side of the fence, so there are outfits I cannot wear. But I don't want to be that girl who wear just baggy everything to hide their flaws. There are fashionable ways to hide those unwanted bulges or at least draw away attention from them. I'd like to think that I am getting better and better at that but of course I still try to lose weight. lol

Thanks for being here!

PS. Thanks to Sey of 14th Street, my blogger best friend for encouraging me to do this. She's probably the only religious reader and commenter of this blog. Thanks a lot twin sis!


  1. Unang kita ko nito sabi ko "SA WAKAS". Hehehe. You made my day with the "Eye Bags", hahaha, talagang sinali mo pa yun eh di naman halata yung eye bags, kurutin kita eh. Hehehe. Natuwa ako ng sobra dito twin sis finally pinost mo din. Marami akong matututunan sayo, alam mo naman ako, kung ano madampot, yun na ang isusuot ko.

    More, more, more. Alam mo twin sis may picture pala ako ng paa nating dalawa the last time we meet. I love that. I'll post it soon.

    I miss you so much twin sis. Love you. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate everything. Alam mo na yun. *wink *wink...

  2. Nice one Mayen! Hindi halatang first post! ヅ

    by the way, you have been nominated with The Blogger Appreciation Award on our blog. You may check it out @


    Kitakits! ヅ

  3. I love the bag and the jumper! Wow naman, ganda, buti di mo to na-delete. ♥

  4. glad you decided to keep the blog sis.. Everyone knows that this is not your main blog but you know that this is your place to showcase your artistic side. More fashion posts sis =) Mwah!

  5. i love that jumper you have on! it's so cute! and i'm glad you decided to keep this blog, too. haha.

  6. You look so pretty and yes! Keep this blog :) xo akiko

    Style Imported

  7. I'm just catching up. Love the outfit posts! You're doing great! Can't promise that I'll be around much, but then again, there's facebook for when you can't find me, right?