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Hi there my fabulous friends. THANK YOU for being here today! WELCOME to Fun and Fabulous blog

About Me

I am a Social Worker by day and a blogger by night and during weekends. I am a sucker for romantic novels and chick flicks, more than I’d like admit. I love babies and I can’t wait to have my own. My ultimate dream is simple. So simple you might raise an eye brow, I just want to be an awesome wife and loving mother someday. I want to dedicate my life to make my own family happy. Just like what I got from my parents. This simple dream of mine will soon be realized because I am now engaged to a man I want to be my husband and the father of my kids. 

taken when we visited Bohol.
If you want to get to know us more, you can visit my other blog. 

This is where I chronicle my personal life. It is not as interesting and as intriguing like those of celebrities but definitely worth a visit. I hope to see you there!

About the Blog
I love anything fabulous, things, people, places and even situations. I believe that fabulous things don’t have to be expensive and fabulous life doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can find beautiful things in unexpected places and that’s what I want to discover as I continue my journey in life. I put up this blog so I can share my fabulous discoveries along the way. This is my second home in Cyber Web. (The first one is HERE)

As of now, I am thinking of sharing creative DIY ideas I've tried before and those I'm about to try for the sake of this blog and for your amusement. I am also considering writing book reviews, but might be limited only to those romantic novels I hit upon excessive visits to book sale/store. Some of the things, I have in mind, that I wish to write on this blog are movie reviews, nail art ideas, beauty tips or product reviews, food or restaurant reviews and I might even share family recipes. More ideas might still come as we go along.

I hope you keep coming back.
                Thanks you for spending time with me today! 
I appreciate every visit and I certainly treasure every comment.

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